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Home Interior Design with Sharon Sagiv

Home Interior Design with Sharon Sagiv 

This room has custom made furniture with a mustard arm chair, and blue sofa.



If you have found me on this site Welcome. I assume you are looking for help to either renovate or update an existing space. Something may not be working for you. This is where I come in! We are passionate about designing spaces that are not just beautiful, & look good but are functional. We develop spaces that support your lifestyle and personality. Whether you are looking for help with a new home or to upgrade your existing home we can help you transform your space.

Beautiful Interiors , custom made furniture.

Are you thinking of Renovating?


Let us inspire you to take the first step toward the house you've always dreamed about. We prepare detailed building plans to give to the builder.  we create professional layouts, electricity, and plumbing plans.

 Listening carefully to the client's needs and lifestyle is very important and together as a team, we create the house of your dreams. We are dedicated to excellent service and only use trustworthy tradesmen. 

Home styling services

A space that reflects your personality 

We create beautiful spaces. Guiding you through the process of choosing  home Interior design services including choosing new Interiors, fabric choices, & texture that feels like you, to enable us to transform your space into a fabulous stylish home.  We believe that our designs should reflect your personality and style. Your home is a reflection of who you are, what you love, and the world you want to create for your family. Your home is where your stories are made and where your stories are told. It should be your sanctuary for all of life’s moments, both ordinary and extraordinary, filled with expressive elements, calming vibes, and undeniable character

Your home is where your stories are made and where your stories are told.


Home Interior Design

My multicultural background from traveling the world

comes alive in my designs.

I am inspired, shown in my designs by the diversity of cultures & styles from living in both Mexico & Finland.

My passion as a designer is to mix modern styles with an added touch of spice using color, big bold prints, and fabulous wall decor. But you, the client will decide which style you like and together we will create an amazing, beautiful functional space. 

After Photo Painting......jpg

Let me help you on the journey to the house of your dreams 

Interior Design CAD drafting
Renovated a staircase adding spot lighting, glass
Home Interior design services including  Bedroom Design

Our Home Interior Design Process

  • The first step is a one-on-one Consultation to help us understand the scope of the work. Normally done on-site or in the client's current apartment. We talk about changes you need, your lifestyle. After the initial consultation, a price proposal is sent to the clients, according to their design needs & budget.


  • We guide you through a complete home Interior design experience. After brainstorming, phone calls, and inspiration boards. We create new spaces and different layouts using professional CAD plans. Measurements are taken of the space. Layout Plans, Carpentry plans, new electricity, and plumbing plans for a bathroom renovation are approved by the clients. 

  • Once all the plans are drafted for the builder & approved by the client your dream of a fabulous space starts to come alive. We plan shopping trips to finalize the materials, and furniture & choose fabric choices. Your new space will undeniably feel you!

Interior design will always be about
people and their lifestyle

Home styling services
Sharon Sagiv Interior Designer

What People are Saying About Sharon

Sharon transformed our huge, empty, open space into a beautifully designed home. She has impeccable taste and yet listens to us and what we wanted. The end result is a stunning living room that looks like something from a magazine, yet is comfortable and kid-friendly. She is patient and persistent, not giving up until we found exactly the right lamp, table, or chair. 
I highly recommend Sharon and will be happy to work with her again and again.

Rachael Solomon, Tel Mond

miriams bedroom.jpg
"I highly recommend  Sharon. She transformed my house into the beautiful home it is now. She has a lot of vision & style and encouraged me to use just the right amount of color, even though I was scared of color. She found me a fabulous piece of art sourced from a local artist which is a huge talking point when friends enter my house. We complete;y changed my master bedroom by adding fabulous wallpaper, which was just the right combination of both feminine and masculine so my husband was happy with the choice. She was lots of fun to be with and I enjoyed the process of finding furniture & transforming my downstairs. It was a real pleasure working with her." 
Miriam - Modi-in.

Sharon helped us to create our beautiful home in a brand new two-story duplex. 
She provided advice and guidance on design and color; accompanied us to stores to help us choose floor tiles, bathroom fittings, and electrical appliances, and advice on the design of our kitchen, together with the choice of beautiful marble worktops. 
She provided endless advice on color schemes that would complement our lifestyle. 
She is a charming, interesting person. She made our design journey a lot of fun. She took the stress out of the design of our new home.  
We now have a beautiful home with a fabulous kitchen, complete with colorful bar stools and lots of personalities..
Thank you Sharon for making what could have been a difficult job on our own into a positive and enjoyable experience.
Judy Davidson - Kfar Hess


“What can I say about Sharon? First and foremost she is a delight to work with, kind, honest, and completely and utterly dedicated. From sending ideas by WhatsApp to popping over to our house for fittings she went above and beyond. Her ideas and little tweaks made such a difference and I'm so grateful to have used her. From floorplan to purchases she's the one you want to use.”

Gemma Goldstein, Tel Mond

"About six months ago I met Sharon, who became our new apartment designer. Sharon is charming, a very interesting woman. She is a great designer. She has a sharp eye and exact taste. A lot of patience and integrity. She always speaks her mind honestly even when I didn’t like it and that is what really appreciate. Planning our apartment with her was an experience I won’t forget. I learned a lot about her and of course, the most fun part was getting a beautiful new apartment designed by sharon. 
Thank you so much

Yaara Neumeier Ben Nehemiah, Givat Shmuel

Sarahs bathroom 1_edited.jpg

"If you need wise advice, which adapts to your tastes and your budget then do not hesitate Sharon is the person you need.
She will make you discover places where you would never have gone yourself to discover the "rare pearl". She is always available and will adapt to your constraints. She is also a trustworthy person and has become a friend."

Annie Paule, Netanya 

toy room_edited.jpg
Sharon was a pleasure to work with & went above & beyond. She did a fantastic job designing my bathroom, from planning to helping me pick out the tiles, colors, etc. She created/ designed my kitchen bar with a number of changes I wanted. Put up with my millions, of messages sending her pictures of stuff online. She accompanied me to buy new furniture for my living room and is still giving me styling tips even though her job is completed. I highly recommend Sharon.
Sarah  Godfrey - Tel Aviv
.אנחנו כבר חודש בבית החדש ורציתי לספר לכם על שרון.
כבר 4 שנים אני ביחסים עם התרשים של הבית, הכרתי את המידות של כל חדר וחדר, אבל לא פיתחתי אליו שום אהבה וקשר. כשהבית, אחרי עיכובים ארוכים, היה בנוי ויכולנו לעלות ולהיכנס לבית, באופן מוזר, עוד יותר היה קשה לי. הבית שלנו היה לי זר, ארוך, לבן, וריק
וכאן נכנסה לתמונה שרון שגיב, מעצבת פנים, שקיבלתי את שמה מפה לאוזן. 
,שרון הבריטית, הגיעה אלי לירושלים מאבן יהודה  ,עשתה איתי פגישת היכרות והכהנה - והיא היייתה מקסימה. סיפרתי לה,כמו אל פסיכולוגית, שאני ממש לא יודעת איך לעשות מהבית הזה - את הבית שלי.
. והיא הסתכלה על החלל אמרה
" You will have a beautiful home with my help!"

  וזה היה מספיק.
  היא נתנה לי טיפים על התאורה על הצבעים על פתרונת  אחסון על צמחיה.
המרחק בין ירושלים לנתניה הקשה על המשך הקשר, אבל מאז אני כבר רצה לבד.
ואוהבת ומאוהבת בבית שלי.
אני רוצה להודות ולהמליץ על האופי  הטוב על האמונה על הכישרון של שרון

Shelli Picard - Jerusalem 

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