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Interior Design

by Sharon Sagiv

Inspired by diversity, cultures, and styles 

Designing & Home styling

  • Creativity is just 

    a mind set free. 

    Interior design is the art of enhancing the interior of a building to make the aesthetics pleasing to the client. It should show the personality of the client as soon as you walk in the room.

  • Inspired by diversity and colour. 

    I create a beautiful home by utilizing your existing furniture

    and art. I can help you find and choose new interiors to make an inviting stylish home. I believe that my design should reflect your personality and style.

  • The visual proof of design concept.

    Let me inspire you to take the first step towards that house you've always dreamed about.

    I prepare detailed plans to show dimensions to scale, visual inspirational boards. 

Colour is the new white


My Style

My multicultural background

is shown in my designs.

I am inspired by a diversity of cultures & styles.

My passion as a designer is to mix modern styles with an added touch of spice using colour, big bold prints, and fabulous wall decor.  

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Let me help you on the journey to the house of your dreams 

  • Design Consultation

     A consultation to understand and learn about the space and how it fits in with your lifestyle. 


  • Modern Interior Design

    Interior Planning

     2-dimensional architectural drawings to show to scale the building plans, furniture plans electricity, and plumbing.




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    Home Styling

    I create a beautiful home by utilizing your existing furniture & help you find and choose new interiors to make a stylish home that reflects your personality and dreams.

Interior design will always be about people and how they live

Tel: +972-52-5779333

Haodem, Even Yehuda, Israel

Let's Talk 

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