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"Design by room". Feel overwhelmed & don't know where to start when refreshing/styling a room.

Whether you are decorating your first home or refreshing your existing space here are a few tips I always follow when starting to work on a Home-styling project.

If the space is a new build & have no existing furniture that will influence the style, then the first thing I think about is budget. This will effect which types of shops I will source the furniture from, i.e. Ikea to high end show-rooms selling fabulous designer furniture. Once I know the budget I then think about the style the clients likes. We discuss the styles & exchange photos for inspiration. Whether it be mid-century modern, Bohemianism, or Minimalist to name a few.

The dimensions of the space are very important. I have had in the past American clients who want to bring their huge sized furniture here. These pieces can look overpowering & completely dominate a room, sometimes not leaving space for any other furniture. The average room size here in Israel is much smaller than America. Measurements should be taken so the correct size furniture can be sourced. If you are looking to refresh your lounge make sure you measure the wall length to enable you to order the correct length sofa, the right size coffee table.

Good Layout is critical to make use of the space properly. For an example if you have an open planned room, furniture can be used to separate the function of each space. My pet peeve is putting a sofa in the corner of a room. If you have the luxury of space why not put the sofa in the middle of the room to separate the lounge from the dining room.

A word about color. I am the queen of color! Influenced by living in Mexico city. The vibrant colors Mexico has on its walls, the color of the floating boats in Xochimilco will always be a wonderful memory of mine. Saying this it is very important you don't put too much color in the space. The standard color rule is 60 -30 -10. 60 % being the dominant color. I normally try to choose a natural, light paint color for the walls. 30% should be the secondary color or texture. This color could be a fabulous sofa, or wonderful rug. I choose one element normally in my designs which give the wow factor!!! Either a piece of art. I am lover of contemporary art and believe it can really up grade the look of a space. My 10% is left for an accent wall or a fabulous, colorful arm-chair. If you choose a mustard armchair, for example make sure the other colors in the room don't clash. Look on the color wheel & find a color on the opposite side of the wheel to give spectacular effects. If you are not so brave with color & want a more subtle feel to the space, choose the colors on either side of your dominant color. I am a huge believer of less is more. Do not fill every wall with too many of paintings or every corner with too much furniture. A cluttered space can lead to a cluttered mind!

I think when you walk into a room the design should reflect your personality & style.

What does your personality scream out?



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